If Wishes Were Fishes

Interesting idea turning over in my head today after listening to The Rissington Podcast a short while ago. They were talking about the website Bite Size Standards and how it was small bite size posts on web standards to be brief about it. It got me to thinking about Twitter. My newest love in life. At least on the web.

I wish there were Twitter Groups. Ugh. Okay. I know how this is in my head but I’m struggling to figure out the best way to say what I mean. In other words, a Twitter group on CSS or web standards, or web design. You wouldn’t have to add 50 people to your Twitter, but rather follow just that group and then you could get all the info you wanted on a particular topic. I think that’s what I’m trying to say.

I wouldn’t know how to go about doing that but I’ve seen something similar to what I’m talking about. An example is BhamPulse. It’s a site that aggregates the live updates of Birmingham, Alabama Twitter users.

As I said, if wishes were fishes, this is what I would wish for.

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