Some Irks

I do a lot of surfing on the internet so I visit a lot of many different websites. In doing so, I encounter several things that really just irk the stew out of me.

The list:

  1. Long pages with no link back to the top of the page. Not even a smaller logo to click on. No way to go up unless you scroll or hit your home key on the keyboard. And some of them are designers. Here’s an example: – A great looking site and it’s very easy to use. It utilizes a scrolling technique that takes you from one section to the next. It’s kind of like you’re reading a book. He offers a link back to the top of the page with every single section except when you get to the very very bottom. Then there’s nothing to get you back to the top of the page.
  2. Another on my list of irks is the lack of a “print this post” button. I do a lot of reading and there are times when I’d really like to print an article out but there is not a print button to do so. Which means, I have to select the text and ask my sweet ol printer to print just the selection. Not a huge deal but more work on my part.
  3. There are some sites that do offer that print button but include extraneous stuff, like their graphic logo, that sometimes takes an extra page of paper because they stuck their logo on there.
  4. Sites that automatically play audio with no way to shut it off. GRR

These are just a few of my irks with site. There are more.

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