More Irks

In my last post, I talked about some annoyances I have with various websites. Here’s some more.

Bloated ExampleLately, I have been running across more and more websites that suffer from bloatedness. It can be ads, or just plain junk stuff that is being pulled in from other websites. This particular site is composed of almost all images with very little text. Not great for loading times nor particularly great for search engines. And this is the main page for the site.

Whether it’s ads, images or outside content, sites like these tend to load slowly. I’m an old school web designer. I remember hand coding each page of a website. None of this automated stuff. Nowadays, it seems more and more content on a webpage, is being pulled from another website. I can see the point of some of it but when the majority of the website consists of outside content, then what’s the point. There are some that tend to overdue it to the point of breaking the site.

Another thing really bothering me is the number of websites I run across that don’t seem to have any concern for web standards. I mean I remember the big web standards debate years ago. I used to think it had gotten better. Now I’m not so sure. I recently ran across a website that had over 1600 warnings/errors in it’s code. I’m surprised the page even loaded at all. I do realize that some sites attempt and try to use web standards but then get into trouble when inserting code into their site that loads outside content. I’m also still amazed at how many people DON’T have a title name for their page. Gosh, that’s so last years’ news. At least I thought it was. These days, most people are at the least, specifying background colors.

    I really don’t have a lot of beefs about most websites, however these things above are major abuses. I thought we would have been past a lot of this by now. I guess not.

    Okay, after checking this post out, I see my site is showing errors. That’s why I was always a hand coder and didn’t rely on a piece of software to do it for me. I knew exactly what was going into a page and what wasn’t. I had control over it. Oh well.

    Despite the bad news, the new ColdPlay album is awesome!

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