Random Observations

Being a web designer in the midst of redesigning my own website, I do a LOT of surfing on the web. Usually I start out searching the web looking for inspiration. But what I end up finding are websites that do little to inspire.

I’m a pretty picky person. But I don’t think I’m picky to the point of being unreasonable. I think numerous sites on the web these days don’t think about the ultimate goal of a website. While the goal for each site will be different, I think it’s safe to say that a site’s ultimate goal ought to provide answers to questions, and content that helps you with the information you’re looking for in the fastest way possible.

There are websites out there that try to be slick using new cool web tools or tricks. And I agree. They are neat. But when it necessitates extra clicking, I wonder just how useful it is. Here’s a WordPress theme I ran across today. It’s a minimal design but in trying to keep it minimal, I wonder if some of the content currently hidden behind a click, would be better used in a sidebar or some other way. I admit the technique is cool. I’ve actually thought of using something similar on my own website. But after viewing this theme, I think I’m going to reconsider. I think using a cool effect just to be using it is a mistake I see more often than not.

I’m a busy person and I detest wasting time. If I have to click, click, click, looking for the information I want, it does nothing for me except anger me.

Case In Point

I’m not trying to batter WordPress. However, I was surprised last night when I tried to find my API key for a default plugin on a WordPress install I did for my dad. Can you say needle in a haystack? I will admit to usually being a web savvy person and know my way around the web but for some reason, I got completely mixed up last night. It could have been a case of tiredness. I also admit that I am not 100% up to snuff on WordPress.

In looking for the API key for this plugin, I went to WordPress‘ website. The ‘dot’ org one. Never once on any of the main link pages, did I see a place to sign up for WordPress except in the Extend and Docs section. Not really thinking whether that was the right place to be, I signed up. Twice. Afterwards, I realize I’m still not signed up in the right spot for what I needed. I know where my own personal profile is but I was trying to sign up for my dad. Why I didn’t think to just log out of my own dashboard and sign him up that way is probably due to my tiredness. None the less, after three tries, I got dad signed up, just to get the API code. Dad will have no interest in actually being a member on WordPress.com‘s site.

The point I’m making is that I would have thought that WordPress.ORG would make it a bit more clear or at least have a “Sign Up” graphic or something that would lead you back to WordPress.COM. This would have been great to have seen on the .org site:

Looking for your API key? Register your blog or get a free blog here!

That would have been clear enough and would have saved me more than a few minutes of my time. In fact, I was rather surprised that WordPress.ORG does not show you a clear path to sign up for their product at WordPress.COM.

Hopefully this post doesn’t bore you. I just had to get this off my chest as I sit here continuing on my endless quest for inspiration.


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