Previous Work Examples

Website Work
This was a personal site I did after 9-11. I was tired of not hearing any of the good things coming out of Iraq. This site was to showcase or direct attention to the things we were doing that was good.


Freedom Marches On

This site was done for Huffman Baptist Church in the Centerpoint Huffman area of Birmingham. It was quite a varied site with different graphics used for the different age levels of the church.


Huffman Baptist Church

Gabrella Manor in Roebuck. They have completely redone their site and this is no longer online.


Gabrella Manor

Scrapbook Bargain was a huge e-commerce website with over 1000 products.


Scrapbook Bargain

Johnny Greenmart specialized in organic products that were good for the environment. They are still around but this site design is not. This image is of the front of the store.


Johnny Greenmart

This is what the inside of Johnny GreenMart was like.Johnny GreenMart
Logo Work
Enhance Labour Solutions Yum Bunny

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